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Resolve Pain and Save Your Tooth

A toothache is nearly always a sign that a tooth is impacted by decay or is infected. If decay spreads into the soft dental pulp in the center of your tooth, this can cause incredibly painful inflammation or infection. This happens because the inside of dental pulp contains highly sensitive nerves, connective tissue, and blood vessels that are vulnerable to pain. When left untreated, infected dental pulp can cause a tooth abscess and increase the risk of losing your tooth! Our skilled dentist Dr. Avi Matha will gently and effectively treat your infected tooth with a root canal in Bloomington, MN to relieve your pain and prevent extraction.
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No-Fear Root Canals

Dr. Avi Matha has extensive experience performing root canal procedures in Bloomington, MN. Contrary to a longstanding belief, this modern procedure isn’t painful. In the hands of a trained dentist, a root canal effectively alleviates toothaches and prevents millions of tooth extractions every year. During your root canal treatment at Normandale Dental, we numb the infected site with a local anesthetic. If you have any anxiety about the procedure, we offer several different sedation dentistry options to ensure you’re completely comfortable during treatment. We may prescribe an antibiotic to eliminate any lingering infection.

The procedure involves drilling a small hole in your tooth to remove infected areas including the dental pulp and often the roots. In adults, neither the dental pulp nor the roots are essential for the tooth to fully function. But after a root canal, it’s necessary to fill and stabilize your tooth before restoration with a dental crown. After your root canal in Bloomington, MN, we’ll fit you with a customized natural-looking crown to prevent fracturing and maintain function and appearance. With proper oral care, teeth with root canals and crowns can last a lifetime.

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Common Signs You Need a Root Canal

No reason to fear root canals!

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