Five Dental Implant Myths, Debunked!

The dentist explaining about dental implants

Are you seeking options to replace one or more missing teeth, but you are nervous because of the myths that you have heard about dental implants? A dentist in Bloomington, MN can assist with choosing the perfect tooth or teeth replacement options for you. To aid in your decision making, listed below are 5 myths that you can kick to the curb.


1.  Dental Implants are purely aesthetic or cosmetic.

Aesthetics or functionality could have been what the early dental pioneer were aiming for, something we currently do not know. What is known is that implants are skin deep, like your natural teeth.

Understanding the structure of your teeth aids in how dental implants works. Living roots are connected to your teeth below your gums and invisible to the naked eye to securely anchored your teeth in place and issue positive stress chewing to your teeth. Bone loss is one of the unsought side effects of missing teeth, The jawbone becomes small and goes back into the body, due to the reduction of positive stressed received to the jawbone. Natural structural support of the mouth and cheeks are lost as the bone recedes.

Dental implants are a replication of the entire tooth’s structure including the root. The almost identical replica gives your teeth the desired benefits of your smile restoration, bone loss prevention and the preservation of the structure and shape of your face and mouth.

2. Implants are not highly successful

Implantology is very successful due to the trial and error that the dentist went through initially. The success rate for dental implants is somewhere between 95% and 98% with the use of biocompatible materials and modern dental advanced technology.

3. Dental Implants aren’t as durable and strong as natural teeth

With osseointegration, the process in which the dental implants are fused into the jawbone, dental implants nearly completely replicate the functionality, strength, and the look of the natural teeth.

4. Implants require too much care.

Maintaining your dental implants is just as simple as caring for your natural teeth, once the dental restoration phase is over. Your dental implants can last for years, even decades, if you have a good daily dental care routine, daily hygiene, and prosthetic replacement as needed.

5. Dental Implants are too expensive.

“Dental implants are so expensive!” That comment is a very frequently made one. While the upfront cost of dental implants are certainly higher up-front than other tooth replacement options, there are definite advantages that make dental implants cheaper in the long run!

When you receive dental implants, you replace your missing teeth forever. Dental implants also prevent your jawbone from atrophying like stated earlier, avoiding costly medical bills later in life. No more paying for prohibitively costly dental appointments again!

There is also short and long-term financing options that adapt to your situation and aid you in getting the dental care you deserve if you do not have the money to afford dental implants up front.


Interested in learning more about dental implants?

Willing and ready to get you on your journey, our team is dedicated to finding the best and long-lasting tooth replacement option for you. Schedule your next consultation with our doctor, Dr. Avi Matha D.D.S, in our office by Bloomington, MN today!


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